Hammerfall og Napalm

av yngve

Unnamed (3)Bandet og Napalm Records har inngått kontrakt, svenskenes neste album blir altså å få fatt i med det østerrikske selskapets logo på.

Sakset fra pressemelding: "A new era in the history of Austrian based record label Napalm Records has begun, and this is it! The signing of the mighty HammerFall is now official - signed, sealed and inked in blood! HammerFall – the saviours of Heavy Metal and one of the most influential and best Metal bands on the globe are now under the wings of the double-headed eagle! A band which is not only a house-hold name worldwide, guaranteed for delivering high-quality music and furious live shows for the past two decades, HammerFall have been the undisputed masters of ground-breaking anthems since the start of their remarkable career in 1993! What is most exciting about HammerFall is that the band is still on the rise and hungry for even more – and now have a label partner by their side that is willing to go above and beyond to make this happen. This partnership is set to conquer the music world!"

Hammerfall har altså valgt bort Nuclear Blast, dette tyske metalmonsteret som har stått bak alle de ni albumene bandet har sluppet siden starten.