Heidras dusk (video)

av yngve

Heidra 2022 Foto Jannie Ravn Madsen

Bilder, fotograf: Jannie Ravn Madsen

Ny låt og video fra danskenes kommende album.

Låten forklarer "...the rise of the antagonist as he gathers himself an army of disenchanted, downtrodden night-dwelling folk with a justified cause in revenge. The main riffs of the song are both brutally heavy and seriously rocking and the chorus would serve as a rallying cry to all metalheads everywhere. Dusk is when we come alive!"


Nyhet fra 25.03.22:

Heidra 22

'To Hell Or Kingdom Come' er skive og låten du hører her. 


It’s time to know the third digital single from Heidr's upcoming studio album. To Hell or Kingdom Come is the title track from the album and describes the beginning of the end of the journey for our heroes as they ride toward the final showdown. This song is by far the most majestic and dramatic of the three singles released, rising from guttural, brutal verses to epic crescendos, magnificent solos and a chorus that will have everyone singing along from the first listen."

Københavnbandet noteres slik stilmessig: "...a mix of melodic, black and power metal with folk-themed undertones, powerful choruses, and brutal growls."