Karmøygeddon 24

Helmet til Oslo (10.09.19)

av yngve

Helmet 1930th Anniversary: 30 Years x 30 Cities x 30 Song Set.

På Rockefeller denne dagen er det duket for amerikanske Helmets jubileumsturne.

"The day John, Peter and I auditioned Henry is the day I consider to be the beginning of Helmet. The year was 1989 and I think the month was May. I love playing this music more than ever with my current bandmates, Kyle, Dan and Dave. To celebrate 30 years of recording and touring we decided to play 30 songs a night in 30 cities in Europe and 30 more cities in the USA. We hope to see you all there" sier frontmann og grunnlegger Page Hamilton.

300 pluss avgift er prisen, og 18 årsgrense (leg.).