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Hollywood Monsters (Airey/Appice m.fl.)

av yngve

Klassisk hardrock kalles bandet, og med denne besetningen vil jeg tro det stemmer fortreffelig bra. 

Bandet har signert kontrakt med Mausoleum Records, albumet Big Trouble kommer i sjappene 23. mai. Du kan sjekke låten Move On her:


  1. Another Day In Grey – Pt 1
  2. Move On
  3. Big Trouble
  4. The Only Way
  5. The Cage
  6. The Ocean
  7. Oh Boy!
  8. Underground
  9. Village Of The Damned
  10. Song For A Fool
  11. Fuck You All (bonus)

Besetningen ser slik ut:

  • Steph Honde vokal/gitar/piano/bass
  • Paul Di’Anno vokal (låt 11)
  • Denis Baruta gitar (låt 5, 9 og 11)
  • Tim Bogert bass (låt 1, 2 og10)
  • Olivier Brossard bass (låt11)
  • Vinny Appice trommer (alle låter untatt 7, 10 og 11)
  • Don Airey Hammond B3 (låt 2)
  • Emmanuel Lamic trommer(låt 10 og 11)
  • Laetitia Gondran trommer (låt 7)

Hollywood Monsters@Facebook

Info: "Hollywood Monsters are the brainchild of vocalist, guitarist, composer, Stéphane Steph Honde, a French expatriate, who’s been living in California since 2012.

Honde first became noticed when fronting Mamooth, subsequently garnering a well-deserved reputation as a guitar virtuoso when playing in Café Bertrand, a French rock group he joined in 2004. The band toured, playing humongous stadiums such as the Stade de France, with an audience capacity in excess of 80.000 – performing with classic rock giants such as AC/DC and Deep Purple, the latter for whom they opened on thirty-six dates across Europe in November 2006, and another 12 in March of 2007. Honde recorded two albums with Café Bertrand – both critically acclaimed and commercially successful – Les Airs Empruntés (2005) and L’Art Délicat du Rock’N’Roll (2008), before leaving the band in 2011.

UnnamedHonde then embarked on a length tour with Paul Di’Anno, original voaclist with Iron Maiden before absconding to California.

Once in Los Angeles Stéphane Honde befriended Tim Bogert, coaxed him out of retirment and convinced Bogert to play on his debut album…and voilà, the Hollywood Monsters were born.

Stéphane Honde recently signed an agreement with Mausoleum Records for the release of the debut album entitled Big Trouble by his new band: Hollywood Monsters, scheduled for release in May 2014."