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Holy Grove, amerikansk tung stonerpsych

av yngve

UnnamedHeavy Psych Sounds slipper bandets kommende album 18. mars.

Oregonbandet drar greit i de tunge delene innen musikkscenen, og med Andrea i front, som har en feit og bra stonervokal, driver de framover som en lavastrøm; treigt og fett - men ikke for alle :).

"Remember when heavy rock bands wrote songs? In the early 70's, Grand Funk, Bang and Deep Purple brought hooks and choruses to seriously weighty tunes. In 2015, Portland, Oregon’s Holy Grove walk in the footsteps of tradition, pitting soulful vocals, searing guitar solos, and swinging grooves into their own dinosaur stomp.

After wowing US audiences for two years, the doom blues is now ready to deliver their self-titled debut, with seven tracks top-full of blazing riffage, cloud-piercing wails, and enough rhythmic heft to satisfy today’s doom-hungry audience. Andrea Vidal’s lyrics of myth and fantasy coast on a massive magic carpet of guitar licks, kept aloft by a pulverizing rhythm section. Holy Grove is far more than a toe-dipped-in-the occult spring, they produce a patiently-crafted statement of intent with major love and assistance from master “engine-ear” Billy Anderson (Sleep's "Dopesmoker", The Melvins)."

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  1. Death Of Magic
  2. Nix
  3.  Holy Grove
  4.  Huntress
  5.  Caravan
  6.  Hanged Man
  7.  Safe Return

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