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I The Betrayer 22 Foto Per Kristian Ingebrigtsen

Bilde, fotograf:  Per Kristian Ingebrigtsen

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Singelen kom ut 31. oktober, men kom meg i hende nå, via promotør Tom Brumpton. Det er et album i komminga, med slipp neste år, titulert 'Storm Vik'.

Sakset fra presseskriv, vokalist Chris forteller: " This will be the first of a two-part concept album based on a Lovecraftian tale that follows the  protagonist, Storm Vik, and his journey into madness.The story takes place in post WW2 Norway, in a  town called Rjukan, deep in a valley surrounded by mountains.

Storm Vik, the son of a Special Operation Executive responsible for sabotaging the heavy water plant for the Nazis, follows in the footsteps of his father as chief police constable of Rjukan. The looming threat of the cold war initiates a top secret project to dig deep into the mountain to build a passageway to a mountain top, Gaustatoppen, as a radio relaying station. But they dug too deep..."