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Ideogram, kontrakt og video

av yngve

Wormhole Death har signert dette bandet, her snakker vi teatralske greier.

Helt ærlig var det nok en lite smil i munnviken på meg hele videoen gjennom, for det er litt b-stempel på hvordan de framstår. Men jeg skal ikke mene for mye, sjekk selv og få nå med deg hele snutten før du gjør deg opp en mening. Musikken hadde helt klart en del kult ved seg.

Ideogram på Facebook

Her kan du se hvordan bandet forklarer seg selv:

The Ideogram Project – Avantgarde Metal And Theatre

"The Ideogram Project was created at the end of 2012. Its objective was to bring together an experimental and innovative musical proposition with a strong conceptual visual art, uniting the best elements of the North Italian underground scene under a new unique, ambitious creature.
At the beginning of 2013 the band released Raise the Curtain Demo and Theatre of the Absurd Video clip. These are the two things that paved the way for the first Italian tour, fantastic reviews and ultimately the signing of a record deal with Wormhole Death Records at the end of the same year. This deal led to the realisation of the first full length Life Mimics Theatre that showed a more modern and electronic sound than the previous work.

The two main themes of the project are:

  1. Theatre, the metaphor for human existence. This is reflected in the names of the band members
  2. The human mind, with its multitude of masks, sides and nuances.

In this way the band members represent the totality of life and of human beings in the same way an ideogram represents the sum of all its parts, individually they are almost formless and without significance but together they bring meaning and a higher symbolic value."

Skiva kommer til høsten.