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Ignea, ukrainsk metal (video)

av yngve

Ignea 21 Foto Hecate's Art

Bilde, fotograf: Hecate's Art

Bandet spiller hissig groove-/extremmetal.

Låten under her er en singel, nytt album kommer neste år via Napalm Records.

"Our intention was to create an intense track that sounds like the Carpathian wind: fierce and chill, rapid and still, unpredictable and changing, unstoppable, powerful, yet lighter than feathers" forteller Helle, vokalist i bandet. "According to Ukrainian mythology, Bosorkun is an evil creature and he’s sending lots of disasters. But, in our song, he’s a spirit with a kind but destructive nature who wants to make friends with humans and trade his immortality for their world."