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Immortal erklærer krig

av yngve

Immortal 23

Og ikke bare mot noen, alle.


Albumet bærer navnet 'War Against All', og er ferdigstilt i Earshot &Conclave Studios i Bergen. Nuclear Blast slipper skiva neste år. Ingen releasedato er gitt så langt.

Demonaz "Immortal continues the style that was established and defined on our very first records. It ́s fast, furious, epic, and mighty Blashyrkh metal - the one and only way!"

"The early days of black metal inspire me the most. Cold nights in the woods, on the mountains under the winter moon. That´s what keeps the spirit alive, and the foundation to all our music."


  1. War Against All
  2. Thunders Of Darkness
  3. Wargod
  4. No sun
  5. Return To Cold
  6. Norlandihr
  7. Immortal
  8. Blashyrkh My Throne