Karmøygeddon 24

In The Woods-intervju

av yngve

10530883 10152170001681541 7050536060078440027 NDet romanske webzinet Kogaionon har publisert et fett intervju med trommeslager Anders Kobro.

Med tillatelse fra Doru gjengir jeg litt av intervjuet her, resten kan du lese HER .


Tchort was the first person who had the idea of ITW, right? He started Green Carnation back in the 90’s with you, Richart and Botteri brothers. What happened then? You released only one demo with Green Carnation and the next year you moved into ITW… but without Tchort and Richart.

Anders: "Firstly, Tchort (Terje) has never or never will have anything to do with ITW... at all!! He wasn’t even the one who started Green Carnation, that was a mutual thing done by him, me and the Botteri bros. He actually never quit that band either, he was literaly kicked out by the Botteris after we did this demo tape recording. Me and the Botteri bros then went on to become ITW..."

The ITW… nucleus was you, Botteri brothers, Oddvar and Jan Kenneth, in the late 91. What are your memories from that period, now, after 23 years? You were only 16 back then, heh…

"Its fond memories, we were a bunch of very dedicated kids, to say it mildly.We were going in this with all we had. My life back then was basicly: school, dinner, rehearsing (alot!) and bed, every day for many years."

Does ITW have some kind of a bandleader? Maybe Chris Botteri? Who created the music, who has had the first idea of creating, composing a track, a solo, a concept?

"ITW... Has always been a democratic band and we all have equal rights to be heard. If its anything as a bandleader I guess that would be me, I am the one who has to make most of the decisions (the captain, engine and the Chris-catalyst so to speak ), but it’s us 3 that is for all the arrangement and song-structures. The core ideas always come from Chris (X-Botteri) but after getting filtered and worked on together; with me and his brother, In The Woods... music will happen. We have never forced anything out of ourselves, it all just transforms into our music naturally and careful attention to details and so on..."

Doru nevnte også at han står bak en festival, DBE-Festivalen, den kan du lese om bak denne linken.