In The Woods... ny låt

av yngve streamer ny låt fra bandets kommende album.

Empty Streets dukker opp på det kommende albumet Cease The Day, som har release via Debemur Morti 23. november. Det er Phil@Debemur som var så kul å la kjøre en eksklusiv stream.


  1. Empty streets
  2. Substance vortex
  3. Respect my solitude
  4. Cloud seeder
  5. Still yearning
  6. Strike up with the dawn
  7. Transcending yesterdays
  8. Cease the day

"In The Woods...'  5th studio album was written over a tumultuous period for the band as the band was all set to implode once more - a cyclical process that has plagued each album since the debut.

Cease the Day is lyrically and musically an autobiographical diary of the last 2 chaotic years of the band - a new-found aggressive live sound and once again finding their place in the world of extreme metal and yet retaining the distinctive aura that launched the band way back in 1992. From the depressive melancholy of Empty Streets, the reclusive Respect my Solitude and through to Still Yearning (a reference to the first track on the debut album).

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