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De progressive metallerne er skiveklare. Det er Asher@M-Theory Audio, bandets plateselskap, som tipser.

The Sirens kommer i handel 26. oktober, og er debuten for denne lineup-en. Vokalist (Stu) som nå er i Iced Earth) er byttet ut med Amanda  Keirnan (The Order of Chaos).

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Fringes of Psychosis, som du sjekker ut under her, inkluderer gitarsolo fra den tidligere Megadeth-gitaristen Glenn Drover, og gjestevokal fra Chuck Labossiere (Psychotic Gardening/Eyam/Votov).

Litt story: "Founded in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1997, Into Eternity is a cornerstone in the Canadian metal scene. Started by Tim Roth (guitars, vocals), Into Eternity quickly caught the attention of a small Dutch label that released their self-titled debut in 1999.

The next nine years for the band was a flurry of writing and recording, with the band recording a total of five full-lengths. Dead or Dreaming (2001) was picked up by Century Media Records, which catapulted the band into international acclaim and garnered them spots on tours with the likes of Dying Fetus and Katakylsm. Keeping with the momentum, Buried In Oblivion came along in 2004, followed by The Scattering of Ashes (2006) and The Incurable Tragedy (2008), the latter two featuring Stu Block (Iced Earth) on vocals.

With the exception of two singles, the band put recording on hold for a decade to tour internationally. With the departure of Stu Block, the addition of soprano vocalist Amanda Keirnan started a new era for the band. She joined the band as the touring vocalist in 2013, and after becoming a permanent member, her impressive wide-range vocals made their recorded debut on the band’s upcoming sixth full-length album The Sirens set for release in 2018.

Into Eternity borrows from all aspects of heavy music to form the perfect blend of technicality, memorable songwriting, traditional heavy metal and the sheer savagery of metal’s extreme genres. With extensive touring history, including sharing the stage with household names like Judas Priest, Megadeth and Arch Enemy, Into Eternity takes the listener on an epic journey; combining the jarring aggression of old school thrash and death metal, the speedy instrumental precision of shred and prog metal, with triumphant choruses and the melodies of classic metal."

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Into Eternity 18

Into Eternity 18