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av yngve

Tredje singel fra bandets kommende skive. Takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips.

Trommeslager Maximilian om låten: "Bridges Are Burning is a special song, in many different ways. For example, when I wrote it, I had no intention of bringing it into Iron Angel, it was just for myself, but at some point I decided to at least let the other guys listen and get their opinion on it and right from the start everyone liked it."

Albumet 'Emerald Eyes' slippes digitalt, på cd og lp 2. oktober.


Nyhet fra 10.07.20:

Ny låt fra tyskerne.

Sacred Slaughter er hentet fra thrash-/speedmetalbandets kommende album, 'Emerald Eyes', som er ute i oktober via Mighty Music, Fernando derfra deler denne med oss.

Trommeslager Maximillan forteller om teksten: "The lyrics deal with one's inner struggle of belief and how it is exercised. A soul in search for solace and peace, equipped with the wisdom to tell that hate only leads to more hate, looks at the events that shape our world these days (I wrote the song back in June 2018, but now it seems to be more relevant than ever) and realizes, that it might be forced to defend itself and therefore also exercise violence, although for self- defensive reasons and yet it´s another drop of water, that keeps the big mill of conflict
running. Deep $'!T for sure".


Nyhet fra 29.05.20:

Tyskerne er ute med ny låt/video i dag.  Fernando@Mighty Music deler denne med oss.

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Med oppstart i 1980, og med debutskive ute fem år senere, snakker vi oldschool metal. Men som de fleste lignende tilfeller, har det vært et opphold, og etter to skiver, andre kom året etter debuten, var det et opphold fram til 2018 før det skjedde noe i studiosammenheng igjen.

"This song is a great example of us marrying the past with the present" forteller trommeslager  Maximilian. "It doesn't resemble anything we have done before, and yet it  is very much rooted in our core sound, which is one of the reasons we choose this song as  the first single over some of the thrashier speedsters."

Skive kommer i oktober, i mellomtiden kan du sjekke  ut 'Seeds Of Time' her:

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent.

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