Isdal fra Seattle

av yngve

A3058347706 16Jepp, og de spiller bråkete støycoremetal.

Release på en tolåters demo var 13. juli, du sjekker ut den under her.


"Isdal, from Seattle, come from a dark place. They’re named after the Isdal woman - an unsolved death in Norway where a woman in her forties was found partially burnt and with 50 sleeping pills inside her. It’s a harrowing description to base a band off, but Isdal are precisely focused on the negative side of mankind - addiction, the human condition and politics."



"The two tracks on this demo are akin to the tortoise and the hare of the metal/hardcore spectrum - the former, Reduced // Returns, is a bludgeoning race to the finish line, eager to pummel as Matt unleashes his fury in hoarse vocal inflections. The latter, Weight in My Spine begins a melodic yet melancholic trudge that gradually builds up momentum as Scotty rumbles around the drumkit, before the final minute finishes out with a grinding session riding a gnarled riff from Kris and Eric. Both songs are overlain with a blackened, oppressive quality in the raw recording, and set a strong precedent for the new tracks already waiting to be laid to wax."

For fans av Old Man Gloom, Botch, Coalesce, Ramlord, Cult Leader og Gaza leser vi i infoen.- Så har du pekepinner.