Italiensk alternativ metal

av yngve

Acts Of Tragedy er ute med album.

Skiva heter Left With Nothing, selskapet som står bak slippet er Memorial Records, de sier blant annet at "...the new album is an incredible step ahead for the band, a mix between metal riffs and the passion of post-hardcore music."

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Bandet forteller om skiva og innholdet: "It is a concept album about vices, addictions and how these habits could lead men to their self-destruction. Left With Nothing speaks about this feeling, Left With Nothing is this feeling. All that makes us slaves, addicted to a sick happiness feeling, overwhelms and consumes us from the inside out, until we disappear. Reality seems to change, you feel strong, invincible, before realizing you trenched the abyss where you are and where you probably will always be, it’s too late, it’s always too late. The world becomes alien to you and crumbles. Suddenly in front of your blank eyes, the faces of who loved you becomes the same of who hated you. While you fight against the stream, in the seas of unforgiveness, you slowly reach the bottom. Men always kill what they love, everyone should know it"."


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