Junkyard Drive, dansker hyller Michael Jackson

av yngve

Danskene markerer at det er ti år siden Jackson døde.

Nå er fokus her dansk rock, ikke Michael Jackson, bare så vi har det avklart :). Det er Mighty Music og Fernando som tipser og deler.

"Junkyard Drive is probably the hottest young rock band out of Denmark right now. Millions of streams and views. Played Copenhell, no. 1 on the vinyl chart, two successful albums will head on a European tour this Fall. 30 + shows. This is a cover song of Michael Jackson's classic."

"Junkyard Drive's cover is not a song that is played live, it is not a track that goes on an album, it is made solely as a studio recording which, with the big production, only can be solved live, using backing tracks. Junkyard Drive DO NOT use backing tracks, they are the real deal!"