Merch Hmno 500x80 Punkter

Kalde flammer fra Signalfeide

av yngve

Undergrunn, low-fi, Signalfeide leverer kjølige flammer.

Duoen, som består av J.H. på trommer og J.-N. på vokal og strenger, slapp denne låten i dag, via Floodgate Productions. 

"A rumbling new track drenched in lo-fi underground aesthetics by the Norwegian/US pagan metal outfit Signalfeide is out now. The slow, heavy, and hypnotic piece that is Cold Fires serves as a crude meditation on the marvelous sense of nature as the sublime and how gloriously indifferent it is to man. There is also a strong feeling of nostalgia for the past coursing through the composition."

Signalfeide 20