Karmøygeddon 23 B

Kamelot signerer kontrakt

av yngve

Unnamed (1)...med Napalm. Vet, noen dager gammel nyhet, men ferskvare for enkelte. 

Nytt album, som ble påbegynt i fjor, skal etter planen slippes i april/mai nå i 2015. Du har med andre ord godt med tid før de kommer til Oslo i slutten av september.

Om dealen sier girtarist Youngblood at de er ":..extremely excited about having a growing and hungry independent label like Napalm with the power of major distribution that we will get with Universal and ADA Warner."

Napalm: "Being a fan since the band’s Epica release it has always been a dream for me to work with Kamelot! Finally this dream has come true and we at Napalm Records are delighted and honoured to announce this signing. I foresee a bright future and we will spare no effort to bring the band to where they deserve to be – the top! Watch out for the band’s monumental new album this spring and witness Kamelot & Napalm Records conquering the world in 2015!"