Karmøygeddon 24

Kaos i Kosmos, progressiv/teknisk melodeath

av yngve

Chaos Over Cosmos 22

Det er ikke for deg som vil ha det organisk og skittent. 

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Rafal Bowman og Chaos Over Cosmos har vi vært innom før, nå forteller han til Heavymetal.no at det er ny skive ute. Den kom ut i går, 9. november, og går under stilforklaringen "...technical melodeath/progressive metal". Tittelen på skiva er 'A Dream if Ever There Was One'.

"Chaos Over Cosmos is an international (from 2021 polish-american, previously polish-spanish and polish-australian) progressive metal project of two guys who never met each other, done completely online.

A Dream if Ever There Was One is our fourth album. As always in every song there are lots of very technical solos and shredding guitars. Our typical s-f synths are present too, but at the same time this is the heaviest album we ever recorded."


  1. Continuum
  2. Fire-eater
  3. Navigating by Moonlight
  4. A Mantra of Oppression
  5. Ebb and Flow[ers]
  6. Melatonin