Kardangen luftes

av yngve

Kardang 23

Rockebandet er ute med nytt album.


Albumet 'Rizky Biznizz'  kom i handel i går, 20. oktober. Tipset kom fra Axel@Rock’N’Growl Promotion.

"Today you see millions of new bands emerging every week. All drowning in the same river of hopelessness trying to come up with something new and fresh in a butt-fucked business. Then you have the band Kardang. These lads write the music they love. Melodic rock ‘n’ roll, catchy riffs, stadium-sized choruses and a stage show hotter than a Finnish sauna. They just don’t give a fuck about fashion, trends and the color of Simon Cowell’s purse this year. Kardang is giving one gigantic middle finger to all critics waiting for a new and clever good-looking computerized disco- junk boy band ready to be to manipulated into the charts. Råkk Off!"

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