Karmøygeddon 24

Karmøygeddon 2017, spilletider + en endring

av yngve

Img 2251editstormfloor 250En avlysning, nytt band på plass.

Neo Obliviscaris avlyser, Alcest kommer inn. Her er en statement fra Neo: 

"After 10 years of playing shows our run of never having cancelled a show, let alone a tour, has unfortunately come to an end due to extenuating circumstances. The bad news is that the delays that have been caused due to our recent line-up change, have resulted in recording for our new album getting pushed back and now we no longer have enough time to complete our new album before our planned European tour this May. As a result we have had to cancel that tour. As sad as we are to disappoint our fans that had tickets to the shows, we felt that it was important to put 100% of our energy into ensuring that this album is the best of our career and this was the only way to do that. On a more positive note we are incredibly excited about the new material and can't wait to share it with you all later this year! Once the new album is out we will make sure we make it up to you all with a much bigger European tour coming to as many places as possible."


Nyhet fra 21.01.17:

Veldig greit å få på plass spilletidene :). Takk til festivalgeneral Johnny for tips.

Bilde til høyre: Ross The Boss, den tidligere Manowargitaristen tar med seg klassiske Manowarlåter og presenterer de med blant annet Rhino på trommer, som var en del av Manowar på tidlig 90-tall.

Torsdag 4. mai:

17.00 Dørene åpner

18.00 Fear Theories
18.50 October Tide
19.55 Bolzer
21.15 Fejd
22.25 Thyrfing
23.45 Bullet

Fredag 5. mai:

12.30 Dørene åpner

12:40 Evig Natt (Scandic Stage)
13.30 Aspherium (Scandic Stage)
14.20 Artillery (Scandic Stage)
15.20 Alcest (Gassco Stage)
16.30 Marduk (Gassco Stage)
17.20 Art Of Deception (Scandic Stage)
17.45 Primal Fear (Gassco Stage)
19.15 Dark Tranquillity (Gassco Stage)
20.15 Dissection Tribute (Scandic Stage)
20.45 Septic Flesh (Gassco Stage)
22.15 Saxon (Gassco Stage)
24.00 Eluveitie (Gassco Stage)
01.10 Kolted (Scandic Stage)

Lørdag 6. mai:

12.15 Dørene åpner

12.30 Kolted (Scandic Stage)
13.20 Ainarikiar (Scandic Stage)
14.25 Backstreet Girls (Scandic Stage)
15.25 Moonspell (Gassco Stage)
16.35 Brainstorm (Gassco Stage)
17.50 Green Carnation (Gassco Stage)
18.50 Blodhemn (Scandic Stage)
19.15 Borknagar (Gassco Stage)
20.40 Insomnium (Gassco Stage)
21.45 Rendezvous Point (Scandic Stage)
22.10 Satyricon (Gassco Stage)
23.55 Ross The Boss (Gassco Stage)
01.15 Maidenheads (Scandic Stage)

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