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Keep Of Kalessin 23

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Bandet er klare med nytt album i mars.

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Det er Palmer Turner Overdrive som tipser. 'Katharsis' kommer 24. mars via Morningstar Music/Back On Black Records. Du kan velge i digitalt format, limitert grå/svart splatterfarget dobbel-lp, cd og kassett.


  1. Katharsis
  2. Hellride
  3. The Omni
  4. War Of The Wyrm
  5. From The Stars And Beyond
  6. Journey’s End
  7. The Obsidian Expanse
  8. Throne Of Execration

I tillegg til Arnt består bandet av "....longtime bassplayer Wizziac and one of the most well known YouTube metaldrummers, Wanja Nechtan  Groeger ..."

"...the band sounds more mature and powerful than ever."

"Katharsis is simply an amazing journey exploring everything from the most empowering emotions to the deepest fears and darkest thoughts. It is a life journey explained, battling both outside challenges and inner emotions. All this set in epic otherworldly surroundings. It is the rebirth. The resurrection. The purgation. The battle of leaving the old and embracing the new. It is the musical embodiment of you against you!"