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Kickin Valentina, videopremiere

av yngve

Ny video fra det kommende albumet er her.

'War' er hentet fra skiva 'The Revenge Of Rock', som kommer i handel 22. januar via tipser Fernando og Mighty Music.

"Bringing forth the most anthemic side of the band, War is an infectious-chorus, catchy-riffing song that sums up pretty well what the album upcoming The Revenge Of Rock is about."

Vokalist D.K. Revelle: "The message behind War is... mouths start wars... and the outcome ain’t pretty."


Nyhet fra 30.10.20:

Amerikanere med hardrock fra 80-tallet på menyen.

Det er Mighty Music og Fernando som tipser og deler. 

"Kickin Valentina returns with a bang! The first single of the new album The Revenge Of Rock is everything the American band can do and more: great chorus, superb riffs, and a song that will stick to your ears. And a great video to go with it."

Kickin Valentina@Facebook

"Somebody New is a classic tale of being in a serious relationship with someone you love, and for one reason or another end up splitting up" forteller bandets vokalist D.K. "Then later surfacing and giving an ultimatum to work things out with your estranged lover or move  on with Somebody New"

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