Oslo Hardrockfestival 22

Kite, skive

av yngve

Kite 21

Bandet kom med album for litt tilbake. 

8. oktober var releasedato for 'Currents', selskapet bak er Majestic Mountain Records. Stilen til Kite beskrives som sludge/post/hardcore, mørkt og dystert.


"Leading with new single, Turbulence, an eerie and manic song musically and lyrically, the disorientating video delivers a whole other level of nightmarish intrigue. Directed and shot by Gøran Karlsvik in an eastern Norwegian wood full of dark nature and vivid uncertainty, the song and video capture the gloomy and sonic disposition of a band that prides itself on the intensity of discord. Scarred and scored by throat-tearing vocals and skull crushing melodies."


  1. Idle Lights
  2. Turbulence
  3. Murdress
  4. Ravines
  5. Currents
  6. Infernal Trails
  7. Ferret
  8. Heroin
  9. Unveering Static