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Kobra And The Lotus, skive til høsten

av yngve

Rockerne melder inn ny video og releasedato på album. Det er Napalm Records som melder dette.

"Calgary-based hard rock quintet Kobra And The Lotus have returned with their new studio album Evolution, which will get a September 20th release on Napalm Records.

The upcoming LP sees the band imbued with a new fire that comes through by way of undeniable hooks, soaring guitar riffs, marching drum beats, and the soulful, bombastic vocal delivery of lead singer Kobra Paige

No longer bound by old formulas and expectations from the past, Evolution comes through with a sound that is expansive and, at times, borders on outright swagger. Each song feels like an Active Rock hit in the making, while still having the grit and feverish intensity that longtime fans have come to admire from Kobra And The Lotus."

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Bandbilde, fotograf: Dan Sturgess/Sturge Media

Kobra 19 Dan Sturgess Sturge Media