Korpiklaani, liveutgivelse (video)

av yngve

Bandet forklarer litt rundt den kommende utgivelsen, pluss nytt liveklipp.


Nyhet fra 16.07.17:

I slutten av august slipper finnene sitt første liveutgivelse. Og som du leser under her, hele greia er skikkelig live, ikke noe juks.

Blu Ray/Dvd - 2cd er det som gjelder, 25. august er releasdato og Nuclear Blasts logo blir å finne på baksiden.

Nuclear Blast: "For the first time ever, the Finns have captured and immortalised this aforementioned live power - on their first ever live Blu-ray/DVD+2CD package titled Live at Masters of Rock. After hearing its title, it's easy to conclude that it was recorded at the identically named festival in Vizovice, Czech Republic. But there's even more to be excited about, this release doesn't just include Korpiklaanis show from 2016, it even has a second full show from 2014 as bonus feature. The 2016 concert features guest appearances from Tero Hyväluoma (additional fiddler) as well as Toni Perttula (additional accordion player), Sami's identical twin brother."


Jonne i bandet: "This our first ever dvd release, which we are quite proud of. It has no backing tracks, no choirs, no samples, all the mistakes are included. It is just us, Korpiklaani, pure live rock 'n' roll."

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