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Lee Aaron, liveskive

av yngve

Lee Aaron Live Cover 3000x3000Metaldronningen kommer med livealbum i september.

Det er Stephan Burmeister@Metalville som tipser.

Lee Aaron@www

"The Canadian rock icon Lee Aaron will release the first official live album of her long career exclusively on Metalville Records on September 20th."

Skiva har fått navnet ' Power, Soul, Rock N' Roll' og ble spilt inn i Tyskland. Utgivelsen er en dvd/cd-pakke.

"In addition to their greatest hits, there are also some songs from the successful last studio album "Diamond Baby Blues Power, Soul and Rock'n'Roll is a no fixes and no tricks recording, recorded and mixed by legendary Canadian producer John Webster. The DVD editing was done by Frank Gryner (Def Leppard)."


  1. Mistreated
  2. Tomboy
  3. Rock Candy
  4. Metal Queen
  5. Fire And Gasoline
  6. Powerline
  7. I`m A Woman
  8. Some Girls Do
  9. Sex With Love
  10. Barely Holdin On
  11. Whatcha Do to My Body
  12. Diamond Baby
  13. Hot To Be Rocked


  1. American High
  2. Diamond Baby
  3. I`m A Woman