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Liv Sin (lyricvideo)

av yngve

Liv Sin 22 Singel Antihero

Ny video fra bandets kommende skive. Tema er masseskytinger.

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"Antihero, a powerful tune about the mass shooting problem."

Liv: "It is an imagery scenery of brutality and chaos, and the immense fear you go through when searching for a way out of that hell. I wonder what drives a person to do something like that, how someone can have so much anger and hate inside, but also I get surprised every time that nothing change, nothing happens. I’m a pacifist and I can’t really get my head around how the right to have a gun seems more important than human lives."


Nyhet fra 02.09.22:

Liv Sin 22 Fotograf Post Mortem Photography

Bilde, fotograf: Post-Mortem Photography

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Premieren på King Of Fools får vi av Fernando og Mighty Music

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Det forventes nytt album fra bandet neste år. 

Liv Sin 22