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Lords Of Black, alkymister

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Lords Of Black 20

Metalbandet er ute med album, referanser er Maiden og Masterplan m.m.

Vokalisten her bør vel være kjent for de fleste, spanskættede Ronnie Romero fra Rainbow, og også i front på siste Vandenberg. Også gitarist Tony Hernando får det kanskje til å ringe en bjelle eller to. 

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Albumet, 'Alchemy Of Souls', kom i salg 6. november i år, via Frontiers Records.

"Alchemy Of Souls is an album not to be missed if you love bands like Masterplan and Symphony X and also love the legends of genre like Iron Maiden. An absolute delight for the ears and another classic in the making!

Upon their formation, Lords Of Black’s vision was to form a metal band with a modern approach blended with catchy, melodic, and progressive elements. After months of intense hard work on the songs, the band independently released their acclaimed self-titled debut in 2014, which was co-produced by Roland Grapow. The band supported the release with a series of successful live shows, some of them as “very special guest” for high profile international acts."


  1. Dying To Live Again
  2. Into The Black
  3. Deliverance Lost
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Brightest Star
  6. Closer To Your Fall
  7. Shadows Kill Twice
  8. Disease In Disguise
  9. Tides Of Blood
  10. Alchemy Of Souls
  11. You Came To Me (Pianoverjson)