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Machine Head, ny låt fra kommende skive

av yngve

Machine Head Catharsis 18Nytt album fra Flynn og Co i januar, smak her.

Låten er 'Beyond The Pale' og er hentet fra det kommende albumet 'Catharsis', som dukke ropp via Nuclear Blast 26. januar.

Machine Head@Facebook

Rob Flynn: "I feel like metal could really infiltrate the mainstream with this album. And it needs to... now more than ever. A lot of consideration went into making these songs more identifiable to a wider audience. Simplifying ideas, simplifying hooks, really concentrating on story-telling as opposed to brutal poetry or whatever. 

And while I’d love to say it was all some grand plan, there was no plan. You never know where you’re going to end up whenever you start writing a record... you just write... but I tell ya what... we ended up with a landmark here.

Whenever you finish an album, you always feel proud, but this time... we’ve got something really special. We can feel it. We know it. Catharsis could really elevate our genre."

Du får skiva i følgende varianter:

"...CD, Digipak, CD-Digi + DVD + 2LP Boxset, black, picture, red, dark blue, bi colored, splatter vinyl - see below)."


  1. Volatile
  2. Catharsis
  3. Beyond The Pale
  4. California Bleeding
  5. Triple Beam 
  6. Kaleidoscope
  7. Bastards
  8. Hope Begets Hope
  9. Screaming At The Sun
  10. Behind A Mask
  11. Heavy Lies The Crown
  12. Psychotic
  13. Grind You Down
  14. Razorblade Smile
  15. Eulogy