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29. mai kommer bandets tredje album, smak her. Nathan@Edged Circle PR tipser og legger ved snutten.

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Heads Have Got to Rock'n'Roll er tittelen på albumet, det kommer via Edged Circle Productions, formater er cd, lp og digitalt.

"On this record, we have sharpened the knives, widened the nets, and added new colors to our hard rock palettes" forteller bassist Christer. "There is more of the more and less of the less, from melodic heartfelt rockers to raw and thunderous death 'n' roll -a glorious stew of Dortmund ’83 with toppings of BOSS HM-2."

"The sacred heritage left by Priest, Saxon, and Rainbow is safeguarded as well as revitalized with Magick Touch's latest and greatest album yet. If you still haven't jumped on their bandwagon, then get out of the way, because Heads Have Got to Rock'n'Roll!"

Lyricvideoen til låten 'Watchman's Requiem' sjekker du ut her:

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