Manes under overfalten

av yngve

Manes 24 Foto Lars Skaug

Bilde, fotograf: Lars Skaug

Ny singel fra bandet. Tipset kommer fra Hr. Holm på Aftemath Records. Støtt opp og sjekk om du kan handle noe derfra HER .


Låten blir å finne på en kommende EP. Og musikken er rolig, nesten i grenselandet for Hmno, men Manes er en viktig del av nettsidens historikk, der man både får harde, middels og myka tak. Bandet begynte, som mange vet, som et black metal-band.

"In June 2024, Manes will return with a brand new 4-track EP entitled Pathei Mathos. This is a stand-alone work of art, which will bring you further into the always developing world of Manes.

Manes was formed in Trondheim, Norway, in 1992. Their music has gone through many stages of transformation and mutation up until today, but the core of the band has remained unchanged for over 20 years. The band has had a mantra of exploration and experimentation in their approach to songwriting, and is hard to define by limiting genres labels. Overall it can best be described as a bastardization of rock and electronica with influences from jazz, metal and more.

The music has been called both atmospheric and cinematic, often with climactic builds and layers of detail. It can be both emotional and oppressive, and more often than not; cloaked in a discomforting darkness. Manes can in many ways be called somewhat of an artistic collective, not adhering to the traditional band-concept, as collaborations have become a staple of their sound."