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Mayfire Chronicles signerer kontrakt

av yngve

Mayflower Chronicles 21 Fotograf Severin Mathiesen

Bilde, fotograf: Severin Mathiesen

Progressiv rock fra Fredrikstad med platekontrakt.

Mayfire Chronicles@www

Det er Rock Of Angels Records som har sikret seg signaturene til trioen, og det er bassist Dag Kopperud som tipser Det er sluppet fire singler, en av disse ligger under her, nytt album ventes i løpet av neste år.


  • Marius Jacobsen vokal
  • Rune Dahlen gitar
  • Dag Kopperud bass

Mayfire Chronicles@Facebook

"Mayfire Chronicles is an ambitious audio-visual project from Fredrikstad, a city in the eastern part of Norway. An idea long in the making, Architect Marius Andre Jacobsen soon met Rune Dahlen and formed Mayfire Chronicles in late summer of 2019.

The first song, and their debut to the world, Thicker Than Water were released on the 1st of November that same year. The reception has been exceptional and Mayfire Chronicles has so far over 100.000 streams on Spotify alone.

Mayfire Chronicles is an extraordinary ambitious project that will combine music and visuals like never before. Drawing on elements from the early pioneers of progressive metal like Dream Theater to the modern giants like TesseracT and Skyharbour with soaring melodies from bands like In Flames and Ghost, influences are diverse. Coupled with exciting visuals and a theatrical flair, the band also draws inspiration from movies like 2012, The Postman, Elysium and Mad Max. The band is currently working on their debut and concept album."