Meltdown med nytt album

av yngve

'Deadringer' kommer ut i slutten av oktober, nærmere bestemt den 25.


Coveret står Mike D'Antonio for, som er bassisten i Killswitch Engage, skiva er mikset og mastret av Fredrik Nordström i Studio Fredman. Selskap: Rambo Music/Fifth Island Music AB/Sony Entertainment AB.

Jørgen C. Hansen, gitar: "This album combines what this band is all about: tons of heavy riffs, hard-hitting and bone-crushing metal, and melodies on top of it. The songs are really strong and represents the great chemistry of our line-up. We wanted the best person to capture our sound in the mix and master, and we got it with Fredrik Nordström. He did an excellent job. We also wanted great artwork for the cover and other band-related stuff. We hired Mike D'Antonio in Killswitch Engage because he obviously understands our music and what we want, being a very gifted artist."

Singel er ute, 'Walls Down' er tilgjengelig på Spotify , sjekk der om du bruker tjenesten.

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