Metal Church, trommeslager

av yngve

Unnamed (1)Osloaktuelle Metal Church har fått ny trommeslager.

Og det er naturligvis Stet som har tatt plassen, en kar som i det siste har vært vikar for bandet. Stet kjenner vi jo fra selveste Wasp :).

Bilde, fotograf: Markus Wiedenmann Photography

"Fans that have seen Metal Church live at their recent shows in the United States and Europe, may have noticed a new face on stage. The guy behind the kit has been none other than Stet Howland and now that the hazing process is complete, Metal Church are happy to announce the addition of Stet Howland as the band’s permanent new drummer!"

Vokalist Mike: "I am overwhelmed and grateful that Stet has found his way into the fold and I look forward to many successful and joyful performances together."

Gitarist Kurdt: "We are extremely happy to have Stet as our new engine. He is a fantastic drummer and a great guy to work with. But the hazing shall continue relentlessly!"

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Stet: "After being home for only a few days from possibly the best tour of my life, I received a conference call from Kurdt and Mike, for a split second I thought to myself 'Oh shit, what did I do?' But my concern quickly turned to an un-removable smile when they asked if I would be interested in being a permanent member of Metal Church.

It's no secret that Metal Church have always been one of my favorite metal bands and that, in my opinion, they are on the strongest ascent of any band in their genre! And given that the band kicks ass live, has an incredible record label, amazing publicist, a rabid fan base, relevant new music, recent Billboard chart positions and first week CD sales that rival multi-platinum acts, my answer was an unwavering YES!"