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Metal Cross, videopremiere

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Metal Cross 23 (1)

Danskene leverer fersk video i dag.

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Bandet kom med sitt debutalbum i fjor, men startet opp på 80-tallet hvor et par demoer ble utgitt. Nå er de tilbake med sitt andre album, det er Fernando@Mighty Music som tipser.

"Armed with a renewed sense of urgency and inspiration, the band is now back with a new song and a very meaningful theme, teasing what will be their upcoming new studio album in 2024."

Anger, Distorted (Hatred, Devoted)

A misunderstood and overheard part of the population.

An increase of 71% of medicated Danes, within the latest 10 years.
70% of those affected, are outside the labor market or without a job.
A scary 35% percent is convicted of an act of crime.
A congenital disorder.
Misunderstood and overheard by the surroundings and those closest to you.
Without guilt and at times imposed with a life, put into mental chains.
Anger Distorted humbly gives you the biggest respect to you all.

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Metal Cross 23 (2)