Karmøygeddon 23 B

Michael Catton, videopremiere

av yngve

Michael Catton 23

Kommersiell hardrock fra danske Michael Catton. 

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Ready For The Takin' er hentet fra et kommende album fra den britisk/danske vokalisten, det er Mighty Music som melder dette, og det er Fernando derfra som tipser.

"British/Danish rock singer Michael Catton (ex-Tainted Lady) has teamed up with  guitar virtuoso Soren Andersen, for the release Catton’s debut solo album. Immersing  themselves in their common love of 70’s and 80’s hard rock, they are bringing the style,  spirit and swagger of the golden age of rock to the modern day."

Michael: "Ready For The Takin' is the final form of a song I began writing in my bedroom over a  decade ago, back when I was discovering bands like Kiss and Def Leppard When I teamed up with Soren, we wrote the chorus together and had the first  fully-fledged song on the album. It’s a fun rocker and holds a special place in my heart,  representing my teenage dream of releasing my own songs that has now become a  reality".