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Michael Schenker Fest, ny låt, snart skive

av yngve

Det nærmer seg skiveslipp fra denne tyske gitaristen. Sjekk låt fra det kommende albumet (02.03.18) og teaser her:


Nyhet fra 10.12.17:

Studioskive til våren, video er ute nå.

'Warrior', som du se under her, er hentet fra albumet Ressurection' - slippdato er 2. mars 2018 via Nuclear Blast.

"Michael Schenker is one of the most significant rock guitarists in the history of music. He has mesmerised the rock community since the 70's with his characteristic guitar play and constructed himself a monument during his time in Ufo by writing hits like Doctor Doctor and Rock Bottom, as well as Scorpions classics such as Lovedrive, Coast To Coast and Holiday, among others. His playing has influenced several generations of guitar players enormously."

Fyren er en legende, enkelt og greit. 

Michael Schenker Fest@Facebook

"Now the time has come for Michael Schenker to move another step forward: he fulfils the long-awaited dream of all hard rock fans by announcing a new Michael Schenker Fest studio album. Along with producer Michael Voss-Schoen, the band recently completed the recordings for the record, entitled Resurrection.

Sammen med Schenker selv, finner du et knippe kjente vokalister (Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley og Doogie White),  Steve Mann på gitar/tangenter, Ted McKenna (trommer) og bassist Chris Glen. Gjester kommer i form av Kirk Hammett, Wayne Findlay og Michael Voss-Schoen.

Michael Schenker om 'Warrior': " When Michael Voss-Schoen showed me his lyrical and vocals ideas, it instantly came to my mind that all four singers should be involved. I'm really fascinated by the result. It's really interesting how the different voices complement each other. 'Warrior' is really heavy but at the same time ear-friendly and catchy!"

Michael Voss-Schoen: "Michael Schenker played the basic riff of the track to me and I immediately had the expression Warrior pop into my mind. On the next day, the first raw version of the song was created; my vision was to let the four voices sound like the four musketeers!"

Michael Schenker Fest 18