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Midgardsblot 2018, bandslipp

av yngve

UnnamedMed en måned til avspark kommer tre band på plass:

Chrysalide, Vanvidd (bilde, fotograf: ukjent) og enmannsbandet Draugurinn.

Arrangementet på Facebook

"Chrysalide expresses themes of a preference towards a dystopian vision, the devastation of the consumer society, the alienation and the dependence on new technologies and the quest of finding oneself in a complex world with very dark horizons."

"Vanvidd is luring in the wake of bands such as Moonsorrow, Finntroll, Kalmah og Korpiklaani, but has their own creative force drawn from the mighty sea of Skagerrak and the south east black metal sound of Norway!"

Draugurinn: "Disa. Á, is the sole contributor behind the dark ritualistic project, Draugurinn, born during the winter of 2008. Beckoning with the heartbeat of a shaman’s frame drum and whispering with a witch’s tongue, she lures those who dare stride near and listen to her song. The creations are usually results of ritual acts where shaman drums, bones, the sounds of nature and vocals acts as instruments."

Da ser lineup slik ut så langt:

  • Abyssic
  • Chrysalide 
  • Darkher
  • Dimmu Borgir
  • Draugurinn
  • Ensiferum
  • Folket Bortafor Nordavinden
  • Garmarna
  • Grift
  • Hamferd
  • In Slaughter Natives
  • Kaunan
  • Mork
  • Nytt Land
  • Rotting Christ
  • Saor
  • Vanvidd
  • Watain
  • Årabrot


Nyhet fra 07.12.17:

To band kom på plass i dag.

Dimmu Borgir  og Rotting Christ.


16. til 18. august neste år er datoene

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Arrangementet på Facebook

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