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Mindless Sinner, liveskive (Spotify)

av yngve

Mindless S Inner 23

Svenskene kommer med liveskive om et par dager.

Smakebiten foreligger kun i form av Spotyfylink spå langt jeg kan se, trykk HER .

Pure Steel tipser og slipper albumet.

Mindless Sinner@Facebook

"Recorded live at the legendary Keep It True Festival (Germany) back in April 2015, you will get amazing true Swedish Heavy Metal from the Glory Days. Purely live, raw and un-fake, with an awesome audience and everything put together nicely on CD/vinyl and digital. The 5 metal brothers Christer Göransson (Vocals), Magnus Danneblad (Lead Guitar), Jerker Edman (Lead Guitars), Christer Carlson (Bass) and Tommy Viktorsson (Drums) had an exciting great time on stage and performed the timeless songs of Mindless Sinner in their unique way of power and passion - no excuses, if you want Swedish Metal spirit as pure and true as it can be."


  1. We Go Together
  2. I'm Gonna (Have Some Fun)
  3. Live And Die
  4. Broken Freedom
  5. Standing On The Stage
  6. Master Of Evil
  7. Turn On The Power
  8. Screaming For Mercy
  9. Voice Of The Doomed
  10. Here She Comes Again