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Mindtech, det store spørsmålet (video)

av yngve

Smak på bandets kommende skive. Releasedato for 'Omnipresence' er 13. mars.

'The Big Question' ser du under her.


"Omnipresence features eight heavy tracks with great melodies, hooks, awesome musicianship and world class vocals. They define their music as melodic metal with progressive elements. (Semi-prog if you will).

Omnipresence has an impressive balance of heavy / progressive parts and catchy melody lines / hooks. The production is absolutely massive. On one side very contemporary, on the other side with a timeless punch and crystal clear. 

For a large part the lyrics on the album revolve around the search for truth, a sense that there must be more to life than what we're commonly told in today's day and age."

Bilde, fotograf: Svein Finneide

Mindtech 20 Foto Svein Finneide