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Ministry gir deg hopium

av yngve

Ministry 23 Foto Derick Smith

Bilde, fotograf: Derick Smith

Til våren neste år er det duket for bandets 16nde studioalbum.


Det er Nuclear Blast som slipper Hopiumforthemasses, datoen er 1. mars 2024.

"As the world continues hanging on by a thread through pandemics, wildfires, climate change, social-political chaos and social media-fueled conspiracy theories, at least there’s Ministry to get us through. Industrial provocateur Al Jourgensen is ready to unleash his latest missives with Ministry's groundbreaking 16th album."


  1. B.D.E.
  2. Goddamn White Trash***
  3. Just Stop Oil
  4. Aryan Embarrassment**
  5. TV Song 1/6 Edition
  6. New Religion
  7. It’s Not Pretty
  8. Cult of Suffering*
  9. Ricky’s Hand