Karmøygeddon 24

Monumentum Damnati, melodisk doom-/darkmetal

av yngve

Bandet slapp nettopp sitt første album, sjekk smakebit her.

Bandet forteller at maskene er for å fremhave musikken i størst mulig grad, "...without paying attention to the existing well-known projects of the participants." Uten at jeg vet nada om det :).

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  1. The Shining
  2. My Bloody JJ
  3. There's No Place For Life
  4. Anabiosis
  5. In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King
  6. Infernal Sun
  7. Falling Snow
  8. Sleepless Anger
  9. Exorcist

"Fans of Crematory, Trail Of Tears, Ajattara, The Vision Bleak, Dark the Suns, Morgul, Enshine and similar bands are recommended to listen to. On the other side of the tomb of the forgotten king there are apocalyptic visions, endless ice deserts, faces of mad killers and incomprehensible forms of the Great Ancients of Days... Are you ready to cross the point of no return?"

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Monumentum Damnati 20
Monumentum Damnati 20 B
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