Moonlight Haze, italiensk symfonisk metal

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Moonlight Haze   Will Be Free Single   2022

Vi kjører premiere på bandets nye singel/lyricvideo i dag.

Takk til Luca@Anubi Press for tipset og muligheten. Bandets kommende album, 'Animus', dukker opp 18. mars på Scarlet Records. Formater å velge i er digipack-cd, lp (limited) og digital.

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Låten vi kjører på med i dag er 'We'll Be Free', som vokalist  Chiara Tricarico hadde følgende å si om: " We’ll Be Free... the title itself says it all. We wrote this song during the second lockdown we had in Italy, around November 2020. We were just about to announce some shows but obviously they all ended up cancelled due to the pandemic situation. So we got the inspiration to write this song, in which we were basically daydreaming about all the cool stuff we should have been doing. But we never lost our hope and our will to bring our music worldwide! This is how the second single taken from Animus was born".


  1. The Nothing
  2. It’s Insane
  3. Kintsugi
  4. Animus
  5. The Thief and the Moon
  6. Midnight Haze
  7. Tonight
  8. Never Say Never
  9. We’ll Be Free
  10. A Ritual of Fire
  11. Horror & Thunder

Moonlight Haze 21 Fotograf  Beatrice Demori

Bilde, fotograf: Beatrice Demori

Sjekk tidligere sluppet låt, tittelkuttet i form av en video:

Moonlight Haze 22