Karmøygeddon 23 B

Mortiis, ny video

av yngve

Spiss ørene, det er duket for ny låt/video fra Mortiis.


The Shining Lamp of God continues the story that Doppelganger, released late last year, started. "We made two videos, although they were shot as one" Mortiis said. "The Shining Lamp of God is another chapter - same place, same hellhole, just escalated, I suppose. It never really ends…"

The disturbing clip leaves lasting impression – which was Mortiis’ goal after years of feeling controlled and confined by the restrictions of a record label. "The old label is history, the shackles are off, and I decided to just sell my record collection in order to finance some videos that we, and nobody else, actually have any control over," he said. "We pretty much used to be hogtied down in terms of what we were allowed to do and not to do in our videos. I always thought that was ridiculous, like we were some sort of pop band. Ever since that time, I swore I would one day control how my music was used, and if I wanted to show someone getting injected with sewer water, I would."

Takk til Barbara Francone@NeeCee Agency. Mortiis' kommende album heter 'The Great Deceiver' og kommer i handel 4. mars.