Mötley Crüe feirer doktoren

av yngve

Dr. Feelgood fyller år, det skal markeres.

"Mötley Crüe has not only influenced musical trends, but have also played a key role in the fashion culture of the 80’s. Their iconic imagery continues to be a staple with rock apparel and fashion brands. In honor of its 30th anniversary, and in response to the frequent call from fans for more classic Mötley Crüe, an anniversary line of Dr. Feelgood apparel featuring the album’s iconic artwork will be available.

Furthermore, a 30th Anniversary edition is being released featuring new CD and vinyl packaging as well as a deluxe edition including colored vinyl, three 7” picture discs, Dr. bag, deck of cards, prescription notepad and drumstick pens, pins, guitar picks, band aids, and more."

Sjekk HER om du vil lese mer eller forhåndsbestille. Release er 29. november

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