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Mythra "Warriors Of Time - The Anthology"

av yngve

Mythra Warriors Of Time The Anthology CdSelskap: Skol

Release: 30.11.15

I love Mythra! 

(Doing this in English for you Vince :).

I have a crush on the ep released back in 79, four tracks of early thrash metal, energy. I love the nwobhm movement, which most of you know, Mythra being one of the harder bands from this era. In 1979 there weren't too many bands like this, I mean, even Motörhead was pretty fresh, and Iron Maidens Soundhouse Tapes was happening. But, Mythra didn't have this much punk within, Mythra was in fact very different to most bands back then. Some of their peers were doing similar stuff; Jaguar, for example, also a band inspiring the early thrash bands with their killer song Axe Crazy

Mythra has compiled a great release, thirteen classic songs, where the ep and both demo tapes are included. If you haven't heard Mythra before, this is a prime release. You even get five new songs. Yes, 5ive brand new songs! And not like most bands getting together to record after years in hiatus, these fresh cuts are scary oldschool, sounding almost like something that came out in the early 80's.

I do, as said earlier, have a soft spot for Mythra, but I don't know if the band or their metal will appeal to everyone today - the younger metal heads. Warriors is a time document first and foremost, and proof that the band still got it. If you like to experience what was, could have been and would like to hear some kick ass tracks inspiring then young dudes later in major bands, give it a shot. Personally I can't be happier, but keep in mind this is probably not for everyone, but I really urge you to have an open mind, raise your fist and bang your head :).

High Roller has released this one on lp just recently, buy it HERE .



  1. Heaven Lies Above 
  2. New Life 
  3. U.F.O. 
  4. Warrior of Time 
  5. Vicious Bastards 
  6. At Least I Tried
  7. Together Forever 
  8. Machine 
  9. Killer 
  10. England
  11. WASA 
  12. Overlord 
  13. Death & Destiny 
  14. Reaching Out 
  15. The Best is Yet to Come 
  16. You 
  17. Face in the Mirror 
  18. Faith, Fate, Hate