Navian, instrumental progmetal

av yngve

Trioen slapp sitt debutalbum for noen uker siden. 

Jeg fant mailen nå, men siden det ikke er datostemplet musikk går det sikkert greit. Skiva snurrer i anmeldersfæren for tiden, og begynner å komme under huden på meg.


Indie Recordings slapp bandets debut 19. november, tittelen er Cosmos, og består av "...instrumental progmetal med masse techmelodier, store lydlandskap og groovy hooks." Låter spennende? Det er i hvert fall mye følelser her. 

Bilde, fotograf: Sebastian Ludvigsen

Navian 21 Fotograf Sebastian Ludvigsen

Navian: Infectious instrumental prog metal with massive tech melodies, big soundscapes and groovy hooks!

Cosmos, the band’s debut album, will be released through Indie Recordings Nov. 19.

Take a listen of the already released singles here: Luna | Temple |Apricity

Inspired by bands like Plini, Intervals, and Polyphia, the instrumental power trio Navian create a mesmerizing sound, mixing the different elements and genres, and letting the music form freely. While the band’s debut EP “Reset” has been described as “..special and challenging in so many ways” (RockNews, CH), with a “freshness and a bounce that is entirely infectious...” (ManofMuchMetal, US), the band’s debut album Cosmos is described as energetic and playful mission into a dreamy and atmospheric prog metal soundscape - that will impress and enchant the listeners!

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I’d greatly appreciate if you could give a spin to the album promo that I’ve recently sent and LMK if you’d consider a review of the album, or an interview!

Please & TY! :)

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