Karmøygeddon 24

Needless, ungarsk progressiv dødsmetal

av yngve

Tredje singel fra bandets kommende skive.

Takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips.

"This is the first song in our band's history, which can be considered as a ballad in our own interpretation" forteller vokalist Ádám Foczek. "We tried to implement some 70's rock vibes with using real synthesizers, but the crown jewel of this song is definitely Martina's voice. About the story: In this penultimate chapter, one must face the makers of the Cosmic Cauldron, and meet a terrible fate, which will doom all the universe".


Nyhet fra 19.11.21:

Låt/video fra bandets kommende skive. Det er Fernando@Mighty Music som tipser, og albumet dukker opp på Uprising Records tidlig neste år. 


Fra albumet 'The Cosmic Cauldron' smaker du på 'Odium', en "...complex structured song, where the epic cosmic saga of the band gets to a post-apocalyptic musical landscape. A sharp-as-knife riff and a brilliant solo complete the track, foreshowing great things from Needless upcoming second full-length."

Needless Odium Cover