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Nergard, nytt album neste år

av yngve

Nergard 19Et konseptalbum om krig, det er hva Andreas syr sammen.

Selv om det har gått et par år uten at Andreas har sluppet musikk under Nergard-navnet, betyr ikke det at han har sluntret unna. Nå foreligger det slipplaner på et konseptalbum, 'Eternal White', som dukker opp neste år. Jeg oppdaterer når det foreligger ytterligere detaljer.

Vi leser på hjemmesiden at albumet er basert på en sann historie:

"The story is set in December 1718. The Swedish invasion of Norway has failed. It’s been a month since the Swedish king, Charles XII, was killed in the Norwegian town Fredrikshald. The southern forces of the Swedish army (known as the Caroleanarmy after their king) retreated immediately across the border, but unfortunately, the northern forces are only learning about the king’s death now. It’s already winter and their retreat through the Norwegian mountains turns into a catastrophe; 3000 men freeze to death during what has become known as The Carolean Death March. The story of Eternal White takes place in the night on the lake of Essand in Tydal, not far from the Swedish border. The young soldier Peter is suffering from severe frostbite and hypothermia. He knows death is imminent and as he slowly succumbs he fades into a state of hallucination in which he relives moments of his life."

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